‘BoomRoom’ Complete Automated Mushroom Grow Tent Kit

‘BoomRoom’ Complete Automated Mushroom Grow Tent Kit




‘BoomRoom’ Complete Automated Mushroom Grow Tent Kit

Skip the DIY Martha Tent and take your mushroom grow to the next level with BoomRoom, a self-contained, fully automated mushroom fruiting and incubation chamber that gives you better control of humidity, CO2 levels, fresh air exchange, and spore filtration.

Designed for use with trays, fruiting blocks, jars, and kits, its compact design and flexible filtration options give you the ability to grow mushrooms just about anywhere be it in your kitchen, garage, basement, closet, or even a spare bedroom. And with 5 adjustable racks and 17 cubic ft of space, BoomRoom allows you to grow up to 8x more mushrooms than a monotub!

Dimensions: 63″ H x 27″ W x 19″ D

BoomRoom kit includes:

  • (1) Black 5-rack shelving unit
  • (1) Clear vinyl zippered tent sheath
  • (1) Spore Floor
  • (1) Myco-Mister ultrasonic humidifier
  • (1) Humidity controller w/ sensor
  • (1) FAE (Fresh Air Exchange) Fan
  • (3) Re-usable FAE Fan Filters
  • (1) 4” window ducting (8 ft.)
  • (2) Ducting clamps
  • (1) Detailed instruction manual

Note: Trays & mushroom kits not included

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Automated Humidity Controls:

  • The Myco-Mister Ultrasonic Humidifier’s ultra-fine mist improves mushroom quality and reduces blotch and other diseases. Settings allow you to adjust humidity level depending on mushroom species, and LED light indicates when water levels are low.
  • The humidity controller’s built-in, high-accuracy humidistat sensor automatically turns your Myco-Mister Ultrasonic Humidifier on and off to maintain desired humidity. It also allows you to program humidity range to create ideal growing environments for a multitude of species. Includes built-in alarm in the event humidity levels drop too low.

Automated Air Exchange & Spore Filtration:

  • The highly-efficient FAE fan prevents CO2 build up, promotes fresh air flow, and allows you to set up a positive or negative pressure system. On-unit controller also allows you to adjust fan speed to optimize your grow. Fan features an extra-long cord to allow for more flexible BoomRoom placement.
  • No window? No problem! For spore filtration, each kit includes washable fan filters and 8 feet of 4” ducting. This gives you the flexibility of window or non-window placement, depending on your home set up. (Clamps to hold filters and ducting in place are also included.)

Durable & Flexible Construction:

  • BoomRoom features specially-designed top and bottom racks. The top rack is designed to create space for your FAE Fan while the bottom ‘half rack’ is designed to create space for your Myco-Mister Ultrasonic Humidifier.
  • Each kit includes a ‘Spore Floor,’ which provides structural rigidity while capturing falling spores for easy clean up.
  • Shelves come with custom support bars and can be used to house trays, fruiting blocks, jars, and kits (up to 20 lbs per shelf)
  • The 5-rack shelving unit features a 5/8 inch diameter tubular steel frame with powder coat finish to resist chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. Sturdy wire mesh racks can also be removed to accommodate different configurations.
  • The clear tent sheath features a double zipper door panel that rolls up to allow easy access and clean up. It also allows ambient, indirect light in for optimal mushroom growth.

⮕ Download BoomRoom Instruction Manual (PDF)

⮕ BoomRoom Frequently Asked Questions



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